Face Reader

Our physical features are the manifestations of our mind and thoughts. A face reader can read one′s facial features, to get an insight into the person′s mind and help understand it better.
Reading a face is one of the most significant aspects of Samudrik Vigyan (The Science of Body Features) which itself is a comprehensive predictive science that analyzes every single aspect of an individual′s appearance. Face reading helps one understand the effects of events and concerns in a personal life, and opportunities and success in one′s professional career.

Face reading is a part of Samudrik Vigyan that considers various aspects like:
•Size, Shape and Colour of your eyes
•Shape of your eyebrows
•Skin Colour
•Facial Expressions
•Size of your forehead
•Size and Shape of your Nose, Dimples, Cheeks
•Hair Colour and Texture
•Other Facial features

These serve as cues for a face reader, and he draws conclusions that aid the overall analysis about the individual. Face reading reveals any major variation in our thinking patterns or any actions that overwhelms our psyche which becomes visible through our facial and physical features.

For example, situations like depression, rage of anger or hatred, killing someone or watching someone being killed, death of a person close to us, extreme guilt and resentment, or even winning a big amount in the lottery can trigger a change in the shape and appearance of a particular body feature over a period of time.