Full Life Consultation

Life Consultancy for an individual and family - A complete review of life to be, while a clear commentary on past life′s unfulfilled karmas if any, that may be catastrophic if not paid. A detailed view to various personal and professional relationships. Financial and health related blockages and remedies.


It is an insight to your healthy life. What can be the possible health issues and the areas where you need to be careful? Also the karmic effect on your health and the remedies related to it.


Wealth does not only mean money. It really is about the abundance in material life such that one can lead a happy fulfilling life without the constant battle for resources and opportunities. What does your destiny say about your wealth? How can you aggregate your luck in matters such that you can deal with money powerfully? One′s career and business decisions are also tied closely with their wealth. So, this is about making all those decisions that affect your comfort, confidence and quality of life.


We as social animals tend to built relationship throughout our life. How can you build and maintain relationships that lead to a happy, contended and peaceful life. Here we help you with all types of relationships including marriages, business partnerships, coworkers, team building and much more.

Purpose of Life

Every life has a purpose of its existence. What the way of your life and how you will identify and follow the track you are destined for.

Original Blue Print of life

When a new life begins it starts along with the debts of the past life. To have a look at what is the blue print of your life and how one is going to be with it.

Past Life Karmic Debt & solutions

As a new beginning starts with the debt of past life it is important to look into its effect in the present life. How can you repay the debts and lead life such that you do not create any new karmic debts.

Repetitive challenges in this life

In life there are some challenges which repeat even when you have done all that you possibly can to avoid those. Some people deal with bad relationships, some are repeatedly cheated by people, some earn but the money does not stay and so on. Most of these are the result of past life karmic debts and till they are identified and dealt with, these repetitive problems continue. We help you figure out these challenges and work towards remedying them


For every problem there is a solution and this comes with doing some remedies. These are not only important to make one free from problem but also to secure the future.

Good Luck aggregates

How can you identify and aggregate good luck in your favor? We help you figure that.

Next five year explanation

This brings out the five year explanation of your life. What are your strengths, weaknesses, luck, compatibility and a detailed view to your Destiny? So that you can make informed decision about your life with the guidance of the Mentor.